In YOUR Home Pet Sitting (I do not offer boarding services)

In-home pet sitting is a very personal service: I will stay in your home with your animals in their most comfortable place overnight. I will take them out on their normal routine walks in their neighborhood, and if you are a local area near a park, we will explore a fun area. I treat your animals as if they were mine, with kind, fun voices, lots of love, and affection, and I don’t mind them sleeping in the bed if that is allowed. If walks are not needed, I spend the half-hour of walk time doing TLC activities. During the day, I am out working with all my students and also spending time with my animals. I do not offer service for animals who need hourly care; I have too many animals to keep up with.

Visits: I offer walks for your dog in your neighborhood OR local trail hikes OR one-on-one time at home doing the things your animals love most!

Pet sitting is case by case: pet sitting for dogs is generally only for current clients. The trainer will need to do a small handful of walks before agreement to pet sitting. All other animals get a complimentary Meet & Greet before the trainer starts the pet sitting dates. 

Some private lessons with the handler/parent may be necessary. Or if the trainer does the training during the walk, the walk will be charged at a walk and train discussed price.

Dogs over 60 pounds may need to be evaluated for training tools, such as specific types of leashes, harnesses, head halters, etc