Behavior Modification:

Changing the Way Your Dog Feels

About ‘Stressful Situations’


  • Resource guarding (guarding items that your dog feels are valuable)
  • Leash reaction (Tarzan dogs)
  • Barrier frustration (impulse control with barriers)
  • Mild dog-dog aggression


I do not handle severe dog-human aggression, please refer to Go Rogue Dog Training in Medford, Oregon, for severe aggression issues.

How does Behavior Modification work?

In behavior modification, most of the time, we are dealing with some issue that the dog is “over-reacting” about: a stress/fear/anxiety induced reaction to something that the dog is uncomfortable with. Sometimes it’s a rational response due to under socialization in the critical socialization period time; other times, it seems to be an “irrational” response, such as resource guarding.

No matter what the situation is, the dog feels that their reaction is “rational” and makes sense to them why they do it. We need to understand all the parts to the situation and where the emotions of the dog are being affected so we can work on changing what we call the Conditioned Emotional Response.

Through positive reinforcement, removal of “punishment,” and redirection techniques, we can desensitize your dog’s fear-related issue. Every dog deserves a parent who can be sympathetic, patient, and considerate of their life and needs, as well as acknowledgment of possible previous traumas. I take a careful and thoughtful approach to behavior modification using fun training skills and exposure to help ease your dog’s tension (and yours)!

An interview/phone call will be necessary to discuss your dog’s issues, what your goals are in training and to find out whether I believe I can help you or not, as well as get an idea for pricing.

I do not consider myself an expert on some of these issues, however, I have a pretty good understanding of how these issues work and how to try and work with them. If you’re dog’s issues seem to be beyond my scope of practice, I will kindly refer to my mentor dog trainer, a great professional dog trainer in the Medford, Oregon: Carrie & Kay at Go Rogue Dog Training.

Please see this link for more information about CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, or contact Marina for more information about my offers.

*For Severe Separation Anxiety issues please refer to Malena DeMartini dog trainer at


    This for is only for people dealing with agressive behavior in their dog.