Marina Berny, CCDT (Catch Certified Dog Trainer)

My knowledge and service as a positive reinforcement dog trainer started at Petco from January 2017 – January 2019 where I hosted Puppy Play Time, group classes for puppies and adults starting at basic obedience and working up to Canine Good Citizen, (which I can evaluate and certify for) as well as private lessons. 

I continued my education and have furthered my professional career with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, an online institution. I have just graduated and am now officially certified as a CATCH Certified (Master) Dog Trainer (CCDT).

I offer positive reinforcement training education (also known as reward based <R+> training), using reward based methods to help communicate with and educate your dog(s) about basic obedience and daily manners in a friendly way that displays your role as a parent and shows your dog(s) a way of living with fundamental, daily, routine manners. In Reward Based Training, we use whatever motivates your dog the most, (this may change given circumstances and location), the dog decides what is most important to them depending on their mood, environment and exposure (to stimuli). Commonly used rewards are: food, toys (squeaker, ball, rope etc), verbal and/or physical praise.

I teach these fundamentals in private lessons and group classes, as well as anytime I come to walk your dog or provide care in pet sitting. Communicating with dogs, tending to their needs and trying to understand what they want and listening to what they have to say is my way of life and my moto in the way I teach. I believe that all dogs should have a chance to express themselves while having sense of respect and boundaries. That opportunity for a respectful relationship is established with every dog I meet right from the very beginning and the opportunity never goes away, they will always receive respect from me even when they are being out of line, because my respect has to stay consistent so that they learn their respect should also be consistent, that is the true meaning of trust.

 I am now taking on some behavior modification cases including: some aggressive behaviors such as leash reaction and CEM response changes, I also have fairly extensive experience with resource guarding. Separation anxiety is something I have some experience with but will generally refer out to other trainers for help with those cases as they are complicated and need to be handled with delicacy. I am however happy to tag-team with another trainer to help accomplish your goals, should you decide to incorporate a second trainer. 

I can work with socialization practices and desensitization methods for under-socialized dog cases, but will need to schedule a Private Lesson Orientation to find out whether I currently have the skills to treat the dog’s issues depending on the level of severity of the behavior. I have current students working with aggression issues including: barrier frustration, resource guarding and dog-dog fear aggression so I am learning fast on how to deal with these issues but am not yet an expert! 


Hear it from my students and pet sitting or dog walking clients!

Marina is very thorough and prepared with her classes, our family has really benefited from her expertise. Giving us all including our new puppy a lot more confidence with our routine. She uses hands on, visual learning tools and a layered building structure to lead up and your pup into great behaviors.

Chelle F

Student in 7/30/23

Marina has done a wonderful job helping us transition a breeding dog into a rehomed pet. She spent her first 3 years working for a breeder. We were lucky to get her as a pet.

Pam S

Student and Client in 11/8/22

Reliable, kind and compassionate dog walker. Marina made me feel very comfortable leaving my dog to the care of another. She made us feel like she was caring for her own as she would even spend quality time with my dog after his walks. Would recommend her services to all!

Shari S

Client in 8/21/20

I highly recommend Marina’s Animal Adventures for all of your animal training needs. She is very caring towards the animals. She is very patient with the animals and the people parents. She offers many services.

Sjoera K

Student in 2/18/23

Marina’s Animal Adventures is HIGHLY recommended! Not only is Marina well versed and experienced in positive reinforcement dog training, she is extremely passionate about dogs and her life purpose to share the gifts she has with others.

Alyssa H

Client in 2/19/20